Print menu EAST SHORE SMOKE HOUSE LUNCH MENU •	APPETIZERS• Wild Sockeye Smoked Salmon Honey glazed and smoked to perfection. Served with flat bread. English cucumbers and lemon dill aioli. 15.00 Smoke House Pork Rinds Freshly fried pork rinds with our Smoke House spice seasoning. 7.00 Smoke House Chips Made fresh to order and served with dipping sauce of your choice. 7.00 Shrimp Cocktail Jumbo size shrimp with a spicy cocktail sauce and lemen. 16.00 Smoke House Wings Naked wings tossed in our Smoke House hot sauce. Served with a side of chips and ranch or blue cheese dressing. 12.00 Triple D Platter Three dipping sauces ofyour choice to pair up with your appetizer. Ask your server tor your choices 6.00 •	MONTANA BURGERS• Bison Burger 1/2 pound of Montana grown grass fed bison on a ciabatta bun with lettuce. tomato and red on ion. 17.00 with cheese 18.00 Elk Burger Super lean Montana elk grilled to order. Served on a ciabatta bun with lettuce. tomato and red onion. with pickle on the side. 22.00 B L U E S B O O Z E A N D B B Q •	FROM THE SMOKER • All of our items are cooked the traditional way: low and slow in our smeker. and served with red cabbage cole slaw and BBQ baked beans. Memphis Style Ribs Perk lion ribs smoked with a dry rub and served with rum BBQ sauce on the side. Half rack. 20.00 Full rack. 28.00 Smoked Brisket Certified Black Angus smoked with hickory and served with rum BBQ sauce. 20.00 Smoked Pork Butt Smoked and pulled with rum BBQ sauce. 18.00 •	BURGERS• Our burger is a 1/2 of steak burger served with a gril led ciabatta bun. All burgers come with lettuce. tomato. red onion. and our smoke house fries. Classic Burger Ajuicy. grilled steak burger 10.00 with cheese 11.00 Bacon cheese burger Two peaces of thick Daily's Bacon and mild cheddar cheese 13.00 Smoke House Mushroom Burger Sauteed portabella mushrooms. bordelaise sauce and gouda cheese. 12.00 South West Burger Grilled to order. topped with mild cheddar cheese. onion chips and ch,polte mayo. 12.00 EAST SHORE SMOKE HOUSE  LUNCH MENU BLUES BOOZE AND BBQ •	SANDWICHES• Wild Sockeye Salmon Filet Served on a grilled ciabatta bun with lemen dill aioli. lettuce. tomato and Smoke House chips. 17.00 Smoked Brisket Sandwich Served on a french baguette. with Smoke House chips. 13.00 Smoked Prime Rib Sandwich Thlnly sllced smoked prime rib on a french roll with creamy whipped horseradish sauce with Smoke House chips. 1S.00 Pulled Pork Sandwich Smoked pulled pork served on a buttered and gril led ciabatta roll with rum BBQ sauce and Smoke House chips. 13.00 B.L.T. Served on two pieces ofgrilled. golden brown Texas toast with five pieces of bacon and Smoke House chips. 12.00 Chicken Chipotle Smoke-roasted chic ken with creamy chipotle mayo, bacon. lettuce and tomato on a buttered. grilled ciabatta roll. served with Smoke House chips. 13.00 •	SALADS Smoked Prime Rib Salad Sliced prime rib with mixed greens. red onion, heirloom tomato and tarragon dressing. 16.00 Chef Choice Micro Green Salad Organlc. locally grown from ELUS Garden, assorted micro greens with a seasonal vinaigrette 11.00. Add chicken for 15.00 or salmon for 17.00 Caesar Salad The classic salad of romaine lettuce. parmesan, fresh made croutons and caesar dressing. wlth gril led chicken 15.00 or with salmon. 17.00 Chef Salad Spring mix salad topped with black forest ham. tomato. pul led smoked chicken. cucumbers and shredded cheese. 1S.00 Monster Wedge Salad An iceberg lettuce wedge with bacon, blue cheese dressing.and tomatoes. 13.00 Black Bean Soup A Smoke House original full of smoked chopped pork. cilantro and sour cream. with slices of lime and lemen. Cup 5.00 Bowl 7.00 Beverages Coke. Diet Coke. Dr Pepper. lee Tea. Minute Maid. Lemonade. Sprite. Brat's Root Beer. Tea and Craven's Coffee 2.50 Orange Juice. Tomato Juice 3.00
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